Ser-Viz was born in 1972 as a company producing hangers and related accessorises, thanks to anidea of its founder, Tiziano Vizzardi. Initially created as a family business in Grumello del Monte (stillheadquarter of the company), Ser-Viz soon made its way in the field thanks to two basic but keyconcepts of the label Made in Italy: elegance and high quality.

Passion and innovation led the company’s growth: the production site was implemented and movedinto a new bigger plant, also due to stocking needs.

At the same time, Tiziano’s sons took over the management but they continued to follow their father’soriginal path meant for Ser-Viz, including stages like development and internationalisation. Around2000 new plants were opened in Spain, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia, following the steadying market demand for hangers with top production standards that Ser-Viz can offer.



The international relevance of the company is nowadays supported by features including quality,high specialization, diversification and elegance. Some of the most famous and important fashion brands in Italy and abroad rely on Ser-Viz, when it comes to hangers for their garments.

Ser-Viz production sites include property warehouses that clients may need to stock hangers, readyto be delivered when necessary. Warehouses enable Ser-Viz to supply clients on time, even in case of extraordinary product demands. The logistic system is owned and managed by Ser-Viz itself.

Ecology and carbon emission issues are part of Ser-Viz’s R&D agenda: recently the company has experimented the production of eco-friendly hangers made of sustainable materials – the only example available in the market, many seem to appreciate.

Classical finishes – such as flocking and varnishing, which can be directly provided by Ser-Viz – are also undergoing revision or innovation in terms of eco-friendlier processes and nontoxic material applications.